Do you know if the Tesla truck has a backseat?

The Tesla Cybertruck is Tesla's long-awaited pickup truck.

Although it looks futuristic and is unlike any other truck on the road, the question of whether or not the Tesla Cybertruck has a backseat still arises.

A resounding "No" should be the response to this enquiry. The Tesla Cybertruck's front cab has enough for two passengers.

There is no seating for people in the back, which is instead utilised for cargo.

It has a sliding cover that can be retracted, two Tesla hitch hooks, and can accommodate up to 400 cubic feet of goods.

It's clear that Tesla only intended the Cybertruck to carry the driver and a single passenger.

There are a tonne of additional cool things about the Tesla Cybertruck that make it a strong contender as the best option for anyone shopping for a cutting-edge motor vehicle.