How about a commercial driver's licence (CDL) for a Tesla semi?

A CDL (Commercial Driver's License) is not necessary to operate a Tesla Semi.

This is due to the fact that the Semi truck, in contrast to standard diesel-powered delivery vans, is electric and does not feature a manual transmission

Because of Autopilot and Advanced Summon, drivers of the Tesla Semi will never have to worry about shifting gears manually.  

Rather, they should know how to accelerate, brake, and turn like a pro.

Thanks to Autopilot technology, the Tesla Semi is much easier to drive than a normal semi truck, allowing for responsible operation by drivers with standard driver's licences.

The air suspension and multiple screens on the Tesla Semi make it easy for drivers to monitor the vehicle's status and progress.

Given that a CDL is not necessary to operate a Tesla Semi, it opens up the trucking industry to a far wider pool of potential employees.