In what kind of time frame can a Tesla semi truck be fully charged?

It can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an entire day to fully charge a Tesla semi truck,

depending on the charge connection type and available power capacity.

Tesla semi-trucks have two onboard chargers, allowing for a range of 20 to 600 miles between charges.

To quickly recharge a Tesla Semi, it must be connected to a Tesla Megacharger station, which can add up to one thousand miles of range per hour.

However, Tesla Megacharger ports are less common than Supercharger or Destination Charger ports,

so you may be forced to settle for the slower charging options depending on your location.

As with other Teslas, charging a Semi doesn't break the bank because electricity is cheaper than gas. Keep an eye on the progress bar as the charge progresses to get the most out of the time while your truck is in the shop.