New Genesis GV60 Will Include Three Years of Unlimited Charging on the Electrify America Network.  

The new Genesis GV60 will be an industry game-changer because it will come with three years of free charging on the Electrify America network.

The Genesis decision has far-reaching consequences for

the widespread use of electric vehicles and raises the bar higher than ever before.  

New developments in the electric vehicle (EV) industry are expected to make EV ownership much more attainable and cost-effective.  

As a result, drivers can anticipate quicker charging times and more mobility between locations.

Additionally, a large number of public chargepoints across the USA will be compatible with this new model, providing convenient access to recharging points wherever you go.  

It's fantastic to see so much progress being made in this field, and Genesis plans to keep moving forward into the promising future of EVs.