Price of a Fully-Loaded 2023 Tesla Model 3: Breaking Down the Options and Extras

If you're searching for a reasonably priced, highly equipped electric car, the Tesla Model 3 is a fantastic option.

Several updated features aim to improve the quality of your time spent behind the wheel.

The new 2023 Model 3 has a starting price of $36,990, but that number quickly rises when you start adding in the several optional upgrades.   

This group includes features including automatic parking, heated seats, adaptive cruise control, and driver assistance from the Autopilot system.

With everything mentioned above, the price of a fully-loaded Model 3 in 2023 can easily reach $60,000.

Before upgrading your car, it's crucial to think about how the additional expense may influence your budget.

If you're shopping for a vehicle that can transport you and your passengers in comfort and style without breaking the budget, the Tesla Model 3 is a fantastic choice.