When should you replace the battery in your Tesla Model 3?

Tesla batteries are built to last, and while the exact lifespan of your Model 3 battery will vary depending on a number of factors,

you should plan on replacing it every 8-10 years at the very most.

The lifespan of your car could be affected by factors such as the number of miles you drive per year and how well you take care of it,

including how often you charge the battery and where you keep it.

Keep in mind that all Tesla batteries are built with longevity in mind and use lithium-ion cells.

It's possible that after hundreds of kilometres of driving, the battery will still be functioning at 80% of its original capacity thanks to this innovation.

Tesla estimates that the battery will last for more than 200,000 miles. Tesla is an excellent long-term investment for any electric vehicle fan due to its high quality and lengthy battery life.